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The Annuity Expert

Ryan Cicchelli

During his eleven year career in the financial industry, he has gained a massive amount of experience helping people prepare to not only live, but thrive in their retirement through the utilization of safe investment options and diligent customer service.

In his home state of Michigan, Ryan has provided guidance to multiple agencies on retirement finance, insurance products, and improving customer service. His tutelage has allowed these fledgling agencies to grow and flourish into spectacular businesses.

He has traveled around the country giving training presentations and holding speaking engagements on annuity sales and ethical practices.

Not only has Ryan been called a top agent by multiple companies and carriers, but he has also directly mentored hundreds over the span of his career in hope of instilling strong values and ethical values in the next generation.

He has had the honor of working closely with multiple field market organizations to improve sales practices & annuity production, and has been personally been involved in thousands of case designs. Beyond all else, Ryan has used his ever expending expertise in the financial industry to ease the minds of thousands of retirees and their families.

Ryan is always striving to assist people in making their golden years truly be golden

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from the Annuity Expert.

"Everyone says you can make more money close more deals, and that bullshit...

We’re going to teach you how to build value...

Our concept value is the new close.."

Ryan Cicchelli

What You're Going to Learn


  • Welcome to the Course
  • About Your Instructor Ryan Cicchelli
  • Overview of training

Annuities 101

  • Qualified Money
  • Non-Qualified Money
  • Roth
  • 1035 Exchange
  • Rollover
  • RMD

Statement breakdown

  • Type of funds
  • Type of account
  • Example of account types
  • Contract start date
  • Are there riders
  • Are there fees
  • Are there any surrender charges

Types of Annuities

  • MYGA
  • SPIA
  • Fixed
  • Fixed/Index
  • Annuities 101 The Power Point
  • Annuity Fudamentals Power Point


  • Lets get in to it , Propecting

Working with current clients

  • Your sitting on millions in commission you haven't learned how to earn while helping your client with annuities
  • Using the credibility you've already established
  • Using advancement with your client
  • Client to cheerleader
  • Using your upline
  • Leaning on your carriers
  • Recap on working with your current book

New Clients

  • You dont need more money you need new people The more hands you shake the more people you help When you help people the money follows
  • Working with other insurance shops
  • Working with HR departments
  • Working with Senior centers
  • Working with banks
  • Mailer leads
  • Facebook leads
  • Direct referral
  • Knowing your target audience
  • Outbound calls
  • Local events

Value is the new close

  • Finding common ground - explaining the appointment process
  • Building value - 3 things we know about the market
  • Building value - speaking in furtures
  • Creating urgency - current events July 5th 2022
  • Preservation vs Accumulation
  • The Rule of 100
  • Understaning the timeline of an Annuity sale
  • Seminars appointment layout
  • Inbound social media leads appointment layout
  • In person appointment layout

Beyond the sale

  • Application process
  • Transffering funds
  • 5 touch point after the sale


What others are saying:

"While working with Ryan I watched the development of not only sales but a pure caring connection between agent / advisor and their client.

One of my first experiences as an agent with Ryan as my advisor was one thats hard to forget.

Starting from just a cold call and a set appointment I ran in to the opportunity of a lifetime as a newer agent.

Thanks to his training in investments and his wifes (april Cicchelli) training in uncovering a need, I was able to uncover $1.8 Million in assets left behind from a client's father that was at high risk. After explaining the risk & setting up an appointment for Ryan to come out to the clients home, I left with full confidence that she would be put in not only a financially better situation but a safer one.

Ryan was in fact able to help her substantially. He kept me included and up to date on the entire process. He also uncovered another $700,000 that was at risk as well.

I worked for almost 5 years with Ryan after that appointment. I've learned many things from him but the honest value he brings to any client's situation is one thing that cannot be matched.

I am currently slowly but surely in the process of building my own agency. To this day he is the first and only person I would bring on to any case. It's rare to find some in this space who works 100% in the best interest of whoever is in front of them. I can always have confidence that he will do business with me in fairness and my client will receive the highest quality service."

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